Create a strong and effective relationship. All kinds of relationships are often considered sensitive and require a lot of effort. However, relationships can also provide security, which can be permanent even with multiple attempts. Creating effective and sustainable relationships is important for several reasons. For example, the well-being of people in groups and organizations depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the group or organization. The group or organization also depends on how well the members work with the management. Wrong organization and organization can be very frustrating. Effective organizations and groups can also ask members to perform a variety of activities. Members can sacrifice the other side of life if they are not outside the office walls or they can plan. For organizations or groups with this scenario type, the relationship can be highlighted or disabled. In this case People and organizations who rely on these groups and organizations also have problems. In this case Society is defined as a web of relationships that requires all stakeholders to work together and share in order to achieve common goals. If good relationships, cooperation and respect occur, we can improve society. In this way, each member works for the good of the whole and to achieve a common goal. This can be done with a strong and effective relationship. In this case Understanding the feelings and positions of others creates a powerful and effective relationship. The easiest way to understand what is important to others is to ask what they want and to ask what they are going to say. When they realize this, they will feel the importance they give them. Efficient and effective relationships require the parties to make their emotions and positions available to the public in all matters related to the relationship. It is assumed that the other party understands our needs and gives them to us when we need them without asking. This is not a good way. Respect is the key to relationships. To build a more effective relationship, the parties must respect each other and manage each other. We can listen to our opponents and show respect with a sincere understanding of work. You can also pay tribute to other stakeholders by confirming that you are doing as much as you can. The opposite is to make judgments on unfounded facts and prejudices. In this case Respect is the foundation of a great relationship. Which means respecting oneself and respecting others. Another important aspect of building an effective relationship is correcting the difference between direct opponents. The difference between a party and a man is a joke. For example, in a conversation where each party listens to each other, you can observe that each person has two different perspectives. Please work to solve the problem for both parties. This can be done if at least one party acknowledges that the relationship is important. The person will spend more time, effort, and energy to understand and eliminate the partner's needs. When they failed, they were comforted to know what they were trying to do. We listen well and do not check the basics. This is important when it is important for the parties to understand each other. Informal discussions are beneficial to the parties. They offer annoyance and comfort. They feel more relaxed and think more clearly. It creates an atmosphere where you can express your feelings whenever you want. If both sides can not express their feelings and feelings, they can create effective relationships. The parties should realize that something is natural. However, any transaction in a relationship should be treated. 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